Local Government Economic Development Network


Local Government

RDA Tasmania proudly support the local government sector's work in economic development.


The purpose of the network is to make it easier for councils to do economic development by creating a community of practice that shares knowledge, experience and ideas. The network is succeeding when members feel better at the job because they know who to ask for help and are comfortable to contact each other.

How it Started

Tasmania has 29 councils, and they are all involved in economic development.  Some have economic development staff, and others pick up economic development within other work, for example; strategic planning, planning, community development, tourism, communication, and place-making.

Networks are an approach commonly used by professional bodies and industry clusters to support peer-to-peer learning. 

In 2018, a first meeting was held in Hobart which was well received, followed by meetings in Devonport and Launceston.  In late 2019 RDA Tasmania offered to lead the network as it fitted with their objective to support economic development opportunities.